Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zeke's One Year Old Pictures.

What an Amazing little boy this is.  He is so full of love and life and we are so glad that he is a part of our family.   

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Zeke-ie's 1st Birthday. Look Whoo's Turning One Party.

I have always done a big 1st birthday for my kids.   I actually do two, one for the Reids and one for the Fershtuts.  So I made this cute Owl cake I saw online.  and I made a pinata that I thought up all by myself.  (I know, I proud of me too.)  

Look at how brave he was and how he jumped right in and had fun with that cake.

So big walking.  I love how he walks with his hand above his head like he's holding on to somebody's hands even though no one is there.  

Instead of hitting the pinata with a bat, since I wanted to use it again for the Fershtut Party I put a plug on the bottom that was attached to these ribbons hanging down.  So all the kids took a ribbon and then they pulled together.  It worked really well, I think I liked it better than the bat.  

My two September Birthdays.  I love these boys.

Cake #2.

My Dad.

This was hilarious.  You'd think having already been though this he would know the drill.  But he did not like his Owl cake this time.  And once it was a decapitated Owl Head he was really freaked out. 

So my Dad being the forever Scientist was curious what he was freaked out about.  So he turned the owl head around so it wasn't looking at Zeke anymore, and Zeke stopped crying.  So to further the experiment along he decided to turn it back around to look at Zeke to see if he'd start crying again.  Well as my Dad turned it he did his best vantrillique and said, "Hello I am the Owl."  Zeke jumped out of his pants.  He was like clawing to get out of the highchair.  He was so scared.  It was so funny.  We all laughed so hard.

Monday, October 8, 2012

How many calls do you have to make in order to go away?

My grandfather had, had a stroke and he was fading.  My Aunt called us and said that we should come say our good-byes.  I was driving home from a trip and would be gone for 5 days without the older kids and husband.   I had to arrange things for my kids while I was gone.  It took me 28 calls in order to get every detail of their life arranged or excused.  I must say it did help me realize how much I do in any given week.  

I love my Granfather.  He was an amazing person who always had a smile on his face and a song in his heart.  I always felt special when I got to be around him.  I love you Grandpa.

My amazing Aunt Ilene.  She always says that I may have been born to Steve and Marsha, but I am her kid.  We are very much alike and I admire her so much.

With names like Rivkah, Simcah, Ariel and Simcah you don't see your name on billbords very often.  So when you do you have to take note.

Athentic Jewish Deli where we all got called Schikzas.

 My brother and his beautiful family.  Words can not describe how much I love this brother.  He is so smart and loving and and amazing father and husband.  I always love when I get the chance to be near him.

My grandfather love York Peppermint Patties and Reese's PB Cups.  He had full time nurses at the end.  Well they liked to take him out on his patio to enjoy the nice weather.  Well one day they had just gotten out there when he said, "I'm ready to go in."  His nurse said, "relax we just got out here."  This went back and forth and finally my grandpa said, "I'll tell you what, for just one more Reese's I'll stay for 5 more mins."  LOL.  He had totally planned the whole thing just to get more candy out of her.  So in honor of my Grandfather we induldged on Reese's and york peppermint patties in our hotel that night.